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Earth Day Activities

April 22 marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Is your congregation doing something to mark it? Here are some great resource to help you mark Earth Day with your congregation.

The Cry of Creation

A Call for Climate Justice. This is a high-quality set of readings and study guides for people of faith to explore issues of environmental protection and climate change. The free 28-page guide in PDF format contains a sermon by noted Christian environmental writer Bill McKibbon and gems from people of other faiths.

An evangelical declaration on the care of creation

Clear thinking, biblical theology and a progressive attitude mark this statement of the Evangelical Environmental Network. It is both a description of the current state of the environment globally and a call to action. Inspiring statement, signed by scores of notables, including Tony Compolo and Ron Sider.

Down-to-Earth Theology

One of the most prophetic voices in American Christian thought, Sojourners devoted an entire issue to the environment. Every article is rich, provocative, passionate and faithful. Highlights:

5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Generosity

"Churches may be taking a hit from the economy, but there is still much that can be done to generate a culture of generosity. Here are five specific field-tested ideas." Click here for "5 Steps to Creating a Culture of Generosity," from Building for Ministry.

Simplicity Itself

"At this moment in history, the world God loves is groaning under the weight of injustice and slowly being robbed of its capacity to sustain life. All around you, the people God loves are increasingly burdened by lifestyles they can't keep up for very much longer. You and your congregation are called to help turn that around." Click here for "Simplicity Itself," from author Bob Sitze, posted by the Alban Institute.

Lectionary Reflection: So Tell Me, Do You Love Jesus?

In this week's assigned Gospel reading, Jesus asked Peter three times if Peter loved him. Jesus's responses to Peter's affirmations tell a lot about the path of discipleship Jesus asks us to walk. Click here for "So Tell Me, Do You Love Jesus?" from columnist Sharron Riessinger Lucas. Click here to read her archived columns.

SOLI/Update: Re-Timing the Annual Appeal

What's so sacred about the yearly stewardship appeal that it has to happen in the last quarter of the calendar year? In some ways it's the worst time, with Christmas coming up. Here are some ideas for rescheduliling. Click here for "Re-Timing the Annual Appeal," posted in last week's edition of SOLI/Update, our free online newsletter. Click here to read other archived columns. Click here to subscribe.

Stewardship from the Lectionary

ELCA StewardshipFrom ELCA Stewardship Resources. Looking for a way to put more stewardship into your preaching? Here is a great help—a weekly commentary that highlights stewardship aspects in the weekly lectionary texts.


Just Living
By Sharron Lucas

It's Personal
By Rob Blezard

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Make it Simple
Make It Simple
Wow! Every church needs a little help in the current economic downturn. Here’s a free online comprehensive stewardship planning resource from the ELCA. It will guide your congregation through all the steps for your stewardship program, such as finding a theme, settling on a method, educating and training your members. You’ll find PDF downloads, videos, worship guides, sermon suggestions. From ELCA Stewardship Resources. Augsburg Fortress has a DVD set of these resources for those who wish. Click here for order information.


Wow! Here's a free, seven-part curriculum for How & Whyleaders who want to plumb the depths of their congregation's financial soul. It covers attitudes about money, congregational finances, leadership, money and theology and other topics. A real gem for congregations that find themselves stuck and don't know how to get going. Developed cooperatively by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the Alban Institute and Lilly Endowment, it was principally written by Mark Vincent, lead partner for Design for Ministry, a consulting firm in Wisconsin.

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