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This is the working page for everyone on the ELCA Blue Ribbon Commission on Mission Funding. It will serve as a common place where we can share documents and resources that are in process.

It is maintained by me, Rob Blezard, webmaster and editor for the Stewardship of Life Institute. To post something here, just email it to rcblezard@embarqmail.com.


Update June 2, 2009
A working draft of an internship manual based on "Competencies of a Well-Formed Stewardship Leader" is now available for review. It's a DRAFT, which means it may contain a few typos and editing glitches. Please point these out to me, Rob Blezard (author) for fixing. I also welcome your feedback on content, tone, etc.

Click here for the June 1, 2009 draft of "Competencies of a Well-formed Stewardship Leader"

Stewardship - Life & Ministry Values
This is the draft document that Work Group 3 has devised for pastors in First Call Theological Education. In doing so, Group 3 referred to "Competencies of a Well-Formed Stewardship Leader," devised by Work Group 1 (posted below). Please examine the Assessment in light of "Competencies, " and send feedback to Group 3 chair Christina Von Bank, cvonbank@elcabop.org.

Click here for the Stewardship - Life & Ministry Values in RTF (Rich Text Format)
Click here for the Stewardship Life & Ministry Values in MSWord

Click here for "Competencies" in RTF
Click here for "Competencies" in MSWord