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8-Week Program
: With God's Permission

Here's a complete resource for a congregation to begin using an asset-based approach to financial stewardship. "This simple program can help your congregation fund God’s mission in a fresh and exciting manner." Available for free PDF download. From ELCA Stewardship.

Resources: Bible Story

Preparing Your Own
Bible Study


(See a list of Bible passages dealing with stewardship)


The following steps are helpful in designing a Bible study for use in your own parish setting:

1. Determine what approach you wish to take. Will you be dealing with a topic, such as stewardship, which will use many different parts of the Bible, or will you be studying one writer and text, such as St. Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians?

2. State clearly in a sentence or phrase what you wish to accomplish in this Bible study.

3. List the needs you sense the group participants might have as they come to the Bible study.

4. Study the text(s) using a commentary on the Bible, such as The Interpreter's Bible, Abingdon Press, or a specific commentary on that book of the Bible.

5. On note cards, list the major topics that you need to share with the group to illuminate this passage of scripture.

6. For each topic area, provide:

a.     Introductory comments about the passage

b.     Time for individuals to read the passage(s) assigned to them

c.     Small group time to share their own reactions/reflections on the text

Sample questions:

What is this text saying to me?

What confuses me about this text?

What incidents/stories in my life am I reminded of?

What is going on here?

What is the writer saying?

d.     Time for the whole group to discuss their discoveries/learnings

e.     Summary by the leader of learnings, conclusions, additional comments.


To the above process, as a leader, you need to add some of your own style. Are you best at lecturing or small group process? Has the group worked together before, or is this a one-time event? How much time will this group need to get started? Be realistic in your planning and reflect your own situation in what you do as you conduct your Bible study.