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April 5

SOLI/Update: Free Will? What Free Will?

This Lent has taught me that Martin Luther was correct: We have no free will. Our wills are thoroughly corrupted by sin and our selfish desires. I had given up sweets for Lent, but then someone gave me homemade candy. Free will? Not a chance!

March 29

SOLI/Update: You Get What You Pay For &mdash Sometimes More!

Your first idea for replacing a washer and dryer may be that high-end appliance store. But that’s only the first step on a journey to making purchase with economy, simplicity and justice, as SOLI editor and columnist Sharron R. Lucas found out.

March 22

SOLI/Update: Why Stuff Sticks Around

Having pared down all of her family belongings to what would fit in two compact sedans and a couple boxes, SOLI editor and columnist Sharron R. Lucas has a pretty good idea why it's hard to get rid of "stuff" in our lives. "She shares her observations, which are spot-on.

March 15

Understanding Dynamics of Faith

"If stewardship is really a faith issue, how do we understand the dynamics of faith?" So begins Keith Mundy in this essay about different stages of a faith journey. The ELCA's Assistant Director for Stewardship offers a good starting point for further exploration.

March 8

Short-Term Solutions

If it seems as if we are always putting off for another day important-but-hard decisions that affect us in the long term, there's a good reason. It seems as if human beings are hard-wired to act when issues have immediate consequences, and not when things hurt us down the road. Guess columnist Jim Taylor comments.

March 1

It's Just a Blouse, Isn't It?

When it comes to clothing, some items are definitely better than others, as columnist Sharron Lucas found out when she explored the origin of her favorite clerical blouses. The fact that her purchases support a lot of working folks in Pittsfield, Maine, is just the beginning.

February 22

Important Things To Do

This winter has brought record snowfall to much of the Northeast, and in the Central Pennsylvania town where I live folks are weary from trying to shovel and plow fast enough keep up. Many of us have the same tired feeling just trying to keep from being buried by the blizzard of daily demands on us. But every once in a while something happens to put it all into perspective.

February 15

These Old Boots

Even in the most diligent purge of possessions, some things are just too good to give up. Often it's a family heirloom or a valuable collector's item. But columnist Sharron Riessinger Lucas found such a gem in an unlikely article – snow boots...

February 8

Ban the Bag, Save the Turtles (and, oh yeah, the earth)

Those pesky plastic shopping bags — who needs 'em? Not when you can get a really nice reusable canvas beg for 99 cents at the supermarket checkout. Reusable bags have transformed my shopping habits, but not in the way you'd expect.

February 1

Clutter Cleanse Contagion

Not only can a clutter cleanse be life-changing, it can also be highly contagious. I witnessed something I never imagined seeing; my sixteen-year-old daughter cleaned out her room. Really cleaned, getting rid of junk galore.

January 25

Live the REAL Prosperity Gospel

Before everyone started falling for the heresy that giving is God's sure-fire investment tip that will make God's people rich (or richER), there was a humbler expectation associated with Christian charity. It holds that self-sacrifice and giving will bring you a wealth of blessings, although not necessarily money (just treasure in heaven).

January 18

SOLI/Update: One Down... Seven to Go: The Clutter Cleanse Continues

Columnist Sharron Lucas decided to make this the year she would live justly, and part of that meant going through the house and getting rid of anything she really didn't need, starting with the bathroom. "One wouldn't think that would be too difficult since we're talking about a space measuring about six feet by nine feet. How can that much stuff be in one little room? Trust me... a lot!"

January 11

SOLI/Update: Saving the Planet, One Sardine Tin at a Time

I'd really love to be one of those recycling fanatics, I really would. But right now recycling an oily sardine tin would require me to first wash it out with soapy warm water. What a hassle! Laziness, I think, is the reason more Americans don't recycle.

January 4

New Year's Resolutions I Can Live With

Author Ralph Milton had no problem making good resolutions—just keeping them: "I got to the point where I decided to never make any New Year's resolutions I knew I wouldn't keep. So I made a resolution to be more conscious and grateful for the wonderful grace I received.

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