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December 28 - Tell the Christmas Rescue Story!

Rob BlezardGod loves us so much that the very Sovereign of the Universe staged a daring rescue, arriving in person to save us from sin, death and the power of Satan. And God did it with boldness and dramatic revelation about the nature of the Divine Heart. Click here for "Tell the Christmas Rescue Story," a classic column by SOLI editor Rob Blezard, posted in last week's edition our free online newsletter. Click here to read other archived columns. Click here to subscribe.

December 21 - Freed from the Tyranny of Scarcity Thinking

In his Christmas message when he was still head of the World Council of Churches, Konrad Raiser found a simple analysis that explained much of the world's ills. "Where money rules, almost everything becomes scarce. When power and even justice can be bought, there is little left for those who are poor. Here, too, there are only winners and losers." Click here for "Freed from the Tyranny of Scarcity Thinking," from last week's edition of SOLI/Update, our free online newsletter. Click here to read other archived columns. Click here to subscribe.

December 14 - Finding that Elusive 'Perfect' Gift
My experience of shopping for my parents is representative of the gift-giving insanity that takes place every December in our country. We frantically shop for people who really don't need anything and who have already got what they want. Click here for “Finding that Elusive ‘Perfect’ Gift,” from SOLI webmaster Rob Blezard, posted in last week’s edition our free online newsletter.

December 7 - Gratitude Overcomes the Darkness of Entitlement
When my son was just six, he taught me an important lesson about how most people view their possessions. When it comes to their “toys,” most adults are plain childish!

November 30 - It's Not Up to Us
Whenever we talk amongst ourselves as leaders about what’s best for the church -- whether it is on the congregational, regional or denominational level – we have to remember that our decision-making is limited in very fundamental ways.

November 16 - Stewardship in 5 Simple Steps
When it comes to figuring out how much to give, most people don’t know where to start. My congregation came up with a five-step plan for our members and included it as the annual “Stewardship Seeds” mailing. Here is not only the five steps, but also a link to the whole package. Use it as inspiration for your own church’s campaign.

November 9 - One Secret of Happiness
His body squashed like a bug when a semi slammed into his tiny Ford Escort, Don Piper spent his famous “90 Minutes in Heaven”(the title of his best-selling book) before returning to earth for years of grueling rehabilitation, constant pain and a lifetime of severe physical limitation. Suffering brought him to despair, until a simple technique helped him find joy again. We all can learn from it.

November 2 -Our Need to Give Talk about stewardship often fails to go to the heart of the matter. “In all our discussions of needs and wants, we never seem to talk about our need for God. For too many of us, a relationship with God has been relegated to the ‘wants’ category.”

October 26 - Worship God with Our Offering Just think if we gathered before God in worship, with glad and joy-filled hearts, putting our offering in the basket and understood this as a way of continuing to worship God.

October 19 - Trusting in God’s Promises How do you trust God’s faithful promises? Do you do so with openness and confidence?

October 12 - The Stewardship of Time Oh, sure, we are pretty careful with our treasure and talent, but how about the other “T” in the trio of stewardship gifts?

October 5 - Go Public with Your Giving – Carefully! Imagine what would happen if one Sunday your worship bulletin listed the names of families and the amount of money they gave over the last year?

September 28 - Bicycling Pastor Models Good Stewardship A pastor I know rides his sturdy bicycle almost everywhere he needs to go.

September 21 - A Budget is a Statement of Faith How does your congregation define a budget? What are the alternatives?

September 14 - Confessions of a Generosity Jedi Like most truths of faith, the paradox of generous giving cannot be grasped intellectually, but only experienced.

August 31 - Not an ‘Aha,’ but a ‘Duh!’ We were discussing green technology, and I couldn’t help but boast. ‘I, personally, have switched to a solar-powered system to dry my laundry.’

August 24 - Priority Giving How much did you spend on restaurant food last month?

August 17 - Discovering the Spiritual Side of Shopping Yes, we are immersed in a culture of consumerism, but is it all bad?

August 10 - Uncluttered Stewardship We buy too much stuff and we keep it long after its usefulness has passed.

August 3 - Healthy Stewardship With a report showing that overweight costs Americans $147 billion a year in extra health costs, it’s time to recognize that obesity is more than a health issue – it’s an issue of stewardship.

July 13 - The Missing Link After planning for the stewardship campaign and executing it faithfully, the resulting giving is disappointing and the team is discouraged.

July 6 - Faith in a Positive Future The words of Jesus Christ were totally given to establish the foundation for positive action by His disciples.

June 22 - The Other Giving The old standard definition of stewardship is the giving of one’s money, time and talents.

June 15 - The Miracle of Growth When it comes to church growth, many congregational leaders talk a good game, but they are actually doubtful, even fearful about the future.

June 8 - Increase Your Income What does it take to increase income? There are three ways.

June 1 - You Can’t Afford Not To Local churches often face a dilemma when deciding whether to hire staff they really need, but can’t easily afford.

May 25 - A Team Balance When it comes to finding church members to work with your congregation’s finance and stewardship efforts, your search shouldn’t end with the professional accountants and brokers.

May 18 - Check Under the Hood So long as the engine runs, most of us don’t think much about our cars. It’s the same way with our churches.

May 11 - Spring Training It’s the kind of drill on basic skills churches might benefit from every now and then.

May 4 - Accidental Disciples One of my church’s members has not been to worship in years. Yet whenever I visit, call or bump into him, he always says with a little grin, ‘I’m going to make it back to church one of these days.’

April 27 - That Elusive Feeling of Wealth A big spiritual stumbling block for many in our country is that despite a generous income they feel poor. . .

April 20 - The Miracle of Mission Our members need to know why they are here. They need to believe that with everyone pulling together, God will answer their prayers and start them back on the road to growth again.

April 6 - Fixed Incomes When you think about it, even fixed incomes aren’t inflexible.

March 16 - The Only Option One path leads to vibrant new growth, increased involvement and expending ministries, and the other path leads to a slow decline.

March 9 - Stewardship in a Small Congregation Challenges of aging facilities, changing demographics and shifts in religious tastes should empower the pastor to talk about money.

March 2 - Not So Dumb! Many sophisticated, intelligent people tragically invested in Bernard Madoff’s ‘make believe’ investment company without knowing what they were investing in.

February 23 - ‘You Gotta Give ‘em Hope!’ A memorable line from the film “Milk” could apply to preachers as they minister to people suffering in today’s economic downturn.

February 9 - Habit of Devotion? It’s Up to You All of us want to walk more closely with God and to grow as a faithful disciple of Christ. But our habits get in the way.

January 26 - The Lessons of ‘Financial Fasting’ By doing without food, I learned how little of what I consume I actually need for nutrition.

January 19 - MLK’s Short, Well-lived Life Martin Luther King Jr.'s murder is correctly remembered as a tragedy. But just as correctly, his life should be remembered as a triumph.

January 12 - Enter the New Frugality There may be at least one silver lining in the current economic crisis. … At long last, people may be open to new learning on the value of money and its ability (and inability) to bring lasting happiness.

January 5 - Make the Key New Year’s Resolution: Balance Faithful stewardship starts with the assumption that God provides all that we need.


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