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Dec. 29 - Make Revolutionary Resolutions This Year - "Our annual obsession with resolutions to lose weight and shed debt signals the degree to which consumption is hard-wired into our culture that promotes high living on the edge of solvency as an entitlement."

Dec. 22 - Merry Christmas! - "Be sure to take time this week, a whirlwind for pastors and congregational leaders, to count your blessings. Not just those under the tree, but the really important ones: Family, health, freedom from dire need that afflicts millions on our globe. Most of all, God's gift in Jesus. Our Savior, our dawn, our light in the darkness, our guide in the way of peace."

Dec. 8 - Unplug the Christms Tree - "Funny how year after year our culture celebrates Christmas with schizophrenic clarity. On the one hand, we love how Ebenezer Scrooge, George Bailey, the Grinch, Charlie Brown and other timeless characters remind us that the true meaning of Christmas is found not in money, but rather in the joy, love, happiness and security that comes in loving community. On the other hand, we max out our credit cards and drive ourselves crazy looking for the "perfect" gift for people who don't need anything."

Dec. 1 - Crunch Time for Charities - "The poor economy whacks charities with a double whammy: It impoverishes families who then seek assistance from nonprofits, but it also dries up charitable donations as would-be benefactors tighten their belts."

Nov. 24 - A Thankful Response to Abundance - " Finding enough food is no longer a major concern, but obesity is.  Most of us actually have to work at not consuming too much. We count calories, go on Atkins or the South Beach Diet, work out at the gym, limit our sweets, and on and on -- and still our waistlines expand. "

Nov. 17 - Our Season of Happiness (!?) -  "Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? So begins the annual six-week ride on the tilt-a-wheel of life known as the holidays, which many people say is their happiest time of the year."