April 13-19, 2009




The Miracle of Mission

By Tuck Aaker

Almost 20 years ago I was offered a three-year contract to become the president of a small plastics company in rural Minnesota. I accepted, knowing that it was a company on the verge of bankruptcy and my job was to "turn it around." My wife and I moved to St. Paul, and at the end of 12 months we were making a profit. At the end of the second year we had "taken" the company public on the Twin Cities "Over The Counter" market. To some onlookers, particularly those folks in that small town where the plant was located, it was a financial miracle as they saw the number of employees and the plant buildings expand.

As I look back on those days, I recall that the reason for this company’s success had little to do with their finances or sales. It had everything to do with the company’s mission and the employee’s confidence they could achieve it. When I first came, none of the employees knew why they were there or what they were supposed to do, other than show up. They would receive a check at the end of the week – and they weren’t too sure about that. Pessimism prevailed, and their vision for the future was consumed by the fear of the plant closing and them losing their jobs.

The first week on the job I called a meeting in the lunchroom and told them that from that day forward I wanted them to be concerned with just one thing: quality. Quality in the products they produced, quality in their appearance, their attitude and in the way they talked about the company outside of the plant. If they followed that mission of quality, I guaranteed they would each receive bonuses at the end of the year.

The foreman came up to me right after they had left and said, "You really believe that don’t you?" The next week we made business cards for each employee with their names, address and position on one side and the words "Working together as a team to produce quality products." And they started to believe it!

Many of our congregations are in that same "funk" of negative attitude. They need to know why they are here. They need to believe that with everyone pulling together, God will answer their prayers and start them back on the road to growth again. They must know the mission, why they come to church each Sunday. They need to "keep their eyes on the road" ahead and forget the rear-view mirror that’s focused on the past. Certainly it takes involvement, participation and increased giving, and those things will happen when they understand the mission!

Create an atmosphere of positive achievement. Help your people buy into the mission and have faith. And then when people ask you next year how you accomplished that miracle, just smile. You will know it’s all about your mission, that’s just good stewardship.

Tuck Aaker is a retired businessman who now consults and specializes on stewardship issues for the Florida-Bahamas Synod of the ELCA. He shares his expertise in Stewardship Now, a column he writes for ELCA Stewardship Resources.

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