September 22 - 28, 2008


Financial Hurricanes

Ike blew into Galveston and swept away many homes, neighborhoods, lives. But not all. As with every hurricane, it affected hardest those who had built on sand, in low areas, close to the sea. Those on high ground, away from the shore, fared better. 

Now we have a financial hurricane blasting across our nation. Homes, lives, neighborhoods will be devastated. Who will be hardest hit? It depends on where you live financially and spiritually.

First, some thoughts about hurricanes.  A hurricane teaches you what is really important. What is really valuable.

When a hurricane is just hours away and you're loading up the car with prized possessions before zooming off to a shelter, what do you keep? Photo albums, videocassettes of the kids' birthday parties, grandpa's watch, grandma's locket, the diary you kept as a teenager, your wedding dress, your Army uniform. 

And sitting in some high school gymnasium with 300 other storm refugees -- sleeping on a cot, drinking bad coffee and eating institutional meals -- what are you thankful for? The fact that you are alive, with your family, and safe.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 7:24-27 that someone who follows his word is like the man who built his house on rock. The mightiest storm could not budge it. Those who hear and do not follow Jesus' word are like those who built on sand. The storm whisked them away.

A hurricane teaches us what is really important. A financial hurricane is striking our nation. How will it affect you?

-Rob Blezard, editor and webmaster
Reprint right gladly given to congregations for nonprofit, local use. Just include the following note: "Copyright (c) 2008 The Rev. Robert Blezard, Used by permission."

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