February 26 - March 4, 2007



A Season to Practice Stewardship of Life
Lent is the traditional time that the church encourages faithful people to give up certain stuff -- sweets, alcohol, fats, cussing, dining out, swearing, put downs, etc. -- and to give away other stuff -- food to the local feeding pantry, extra money to charity, volunteer hours to a nonprofit agency, etc.

All of this emphasis on discipline provides ample opportunity to reflect on how Lent is the ideal time to practice stewardship of life. By giving up on the one hand, and giving away on the other, we are really reshaping the priorities of our time, talent and possessions. Being better stewards of our lives.

So this Lent, embrace the traditional disciplines, but do so with the awareness that the disciplines are putting into practice what we should be doing every second of every day: Using our lives wisely.

--Rob Blezard, editor and webmaster

Reprint rights gladly given to congregations for nonprofit use. Just include the following notice: Copyright (c) 2007, The Rev. Robert Blezard, archive.stewardshipoflife.org . Used by Permission.

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