January 1 - 7, 2007



Make the key New Year's resolution: Balance

 Looking at the perennial "Top 10" list of New Year's resolutions -- to lose weight, stop smoking, pay off the credit cards, read books, spend more time with the spouse/kids/family/hobby, etc. -- it's easy to see how these all touch on the most basic stewardship issues over which we have some choice and control.

They deal with how we use God's most important gifts: health, money, intelligence, time, family, friendships and recreation. All these factors determine in large measure our degree of happiness and wellbeing.

Faithful stewardship starts with the assumption that God provides all that we need for optimal living as disciples of Jesus Christ, as children of God. If our lives are messed up, it frequently can be traced to bad choices we make because we are sinful, limited creatures who tend to act against our own best self-interest.  

To take a personal example, I fully know it's in my best interest if I keep my weight down and my body healthy by choosing foods rich in nutrients and low in calories, fats and sugars. Moreover, God has provided me with sufficient income to buy all the broccoli, olive oil, brown rice and fish I could possibly eat.

So why does my diet consist of large portions of Doritos, MooseTracks ice cream and Little Debbie snack cakes? It's sin. With apologies to Paul in Romans 7:18 and 19, I'd put it this way: "I can will myself to eat a healthy diet, but I cannot do it. For I eat not the good stuff I should eat, but the junk food I know is bad for me." 

There's nothing wrong with eating treats -- or watching TV instead of reading books, or using credit cards, or taking time for yourself instead of family members -- as long as there are limits and moderation. We get in trouble when we indulge too much.  

Perhaps the best resolution we can make in 2007 is to become better stewards of all the good things God has given us by finding (and sticking to) just the right level of moderation.

--Rob Blezard, Editor and Webmaster
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