December 19 - 25, 2005



Christmas every day
Another Christmas and again we await the coming of the Prince of Peace to a world lost to the sinful madness of greed, violence and hatred. Another Christmas we wait in darkness for the Light that will come.  We wait for the Word of God that is Jesus the Christ.

Underlying the holiday rush and the frenzy of socializing and commercializing, the arrival of Peace, Light and Word defines the reality that makes Christmas special. We remember again our existential condition: We are a people in darkness, surrounded by violence, without hope. 
The good news is that the Almighty keeps promises. The good news is that the Prince of Peace arrives anew. The light shines afresh. The Word of God that is Jesus the Christ, shows up again. 

The Prince of Peace comes to those who make peace in their hearts. The light comes to all who detest and defy the darkness. The Word of God dwells, certainly, in every faithful heart. 

Then God's peace, God's light and God's Word goes out to all the world, borne by God's own faithful people who carry it to every relationship and situation they encounter.

And for the people who are Peace-makers, bearers of Light and witnesses to the Word, every day is Christmas, both for them and for the people they touch.

-Rob Blezard, editor and webmaster

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Christmas Messages 2005

We wait in silence: ELCA Bishop Mark Hanson
"We wait in darkness, fearing that the light will never come. We wait in silence, fearing that there will be no good news. We wait alone, fearing the isolation and separation that darkness brings. We attempt to illumine our own path, but find neither the way nor the truth." Click here for the message of Bishop Mark Hanson.


The gift beyond words: John Larsson, Salvation Army
At the first Christmas there was no disappointment. As the day dawned, the gift arrived just as the prophets had said it would. But not only did the gift arrive. To those with the eyes of faith the gift exceeded all expectation. Not in their wildest imagination had their hearers thought that the promises would be fulfilled in the way they were." Click here for the message by Gen. John Larsson, international leader of the Salvation Army.

Witness in action: Archbishop of Canterbury
"The question never quite goes away of why God made a world in which such tragedy is possible. But Christmas reminds us of the one thing we know for sure - and that is Godís way of responding to suffering. He doesnít wave a magic wand, or descend briefly from the sky to clean things up. He arrives on earth as a human being who will change things simply by the completeness of his love."  Click here for the message of Rowan Williams to the Anglican Communion.

The one reason to withhold giving
"Rumor has it that in a local congregation people are withholding their pledges as a vote of no confidence against the pastor.  And others have been withholding their giving to synods because of political reasons. I must admit that there have been times when I considered giving less because I didn't like how a particular church spent its money." Click here for Pastor Reardon's weekly stewardship column.