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Past Archives: 2009, 2008

April 5

Lectionary Reflection: Concerning Fear, Doubt and Belief

Christianity loses much whenever we who claim Christ are afraid to live in the tension of those details concerning our faith that remain in painted in broad strokes of varying shades of gray. I hear my Lord saying that it is okay not to have all the answers.

March 29

Lectionary Reflection: Dawn of the Resurrected Dead

Why think of a 1970s horror film at Easter? We need to take a close look at how we script this story, especially for those who haven’t experienced the radical love and grace of our amazing God.

March 22

Lectionary Reflection: Casting Call for Passion/Palm Sunday & Holy Week

The story of Christ's passion is compelling, but all too often we hear it as just that—a story told on the Sunday before Easter, a mere blip on life’s radar screen somewhere between the hosannas and the Easter lamb with mint jelly. This year, make a dramatic improvement.

March 15

Lectionary Reflection: Press On

It's pretty easy to get stuck in the past. We humans all too often step into the quicksand of old ways of doing things and outdated thinking. But God calls us to go outside our comfort zone for the sake of the Gospel.

March 8

Lectionary Reflection: A ReNEWed Creation

Even though we're still very much a consumer culture, nowadays it's cool to recycle, reuse and re-value stuff others might throw away. Jesus did that with people. Jesus saw worth in everyone. He knew the truth that God created everything good. Of course quite predictably, he encountered resistance from members of polite society.

March 1

Lectionary Reflection: Thirst Quencher

Those of us in the developed world are accustomed to water—plentiful and potable—available at the turn of the spigot. So do we ever really know thirst? Real life-or-death thirst? Probably not. Thirst is a human characteristic, and not only for H2O. We also thirst for the things of God.

February 22

Lectionary Reflection: God is Great... God is Good... This I Believe.

Bootstraps and independence and a good work ethic are fine things, but we need God. We were created to be in an intimate relationship with our Creator. We are not supposed to do this 'life thing' alone.

February 15

Lectionary Reflection: Welcome to the Wilderness

Whether it's because of the death of a loved one, a serious medical condition, a divorce or financial woes, none of us is immune from a wilderness experience. The important thing to remember is that God is always with us, no matter what.

February 8

Lectionary Reflection: The Greatness of God

Paul tells us that we all have fallen short of the glory of God, but there are times when we fall much, much shorter than we would like. Have you had a day like that? So have the disciples.

February 1

Lectionary Reflection: Ding, Dong Discipleship

When Jesus comes calling to make you a disciple, don’t expect him to be like the Avon representative, offering you a catalogue of attractively marketed choices and easy-sounding solutions. No, Jesus has only one proposition, and it will cost you everything.

January 25

Lectionary Reflection: Wanted: A Hometown Hero on Our Terms

Everybody loved Jesus when he visited his hometown, until he failed to respond as they wanted. Then they turned on him and things got ugly. Are we any different in our reaction to our savior?

January 18

Lectionary Reflection: Fulfilled in Your Hearing AND in Your Doing

This week's gospel reading gives us direction on our opportunity and responsibility towards the people of Haiti. "The long term ministry to Haiti will, I believe, test our discipleship mettle. It will be so easy to turn away once the cameras find other foci, once another natural disaster strikes elsewhere in the world, and once our own needs and economic crisis crowd back in again."

January 11

Lectionary Reflection: Good Gifts that Keep on Giving

In his first letter to the church at Corinth, Paul talks about gifts that we receive from the Holy Spirit. Just think about this reality Paul reveals: God has blessed you with gifts unique to you; gifts that only you can use in your own way so that more gifts are given for the common good.

January 4

Lectionary Reflection: Baptism: Fire, Water and New Life

Do you remember your baptism on a daily basis? How do you "walk wet" as you journey through life? I'd say there's a better chance of most of us singing opera in the shower than understanding ourselves as unique creations baptized with Water, and Spirit, and Fire.

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