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December 28 - Lectionary Reflection: Sing Your Own Song

This week's gospel lesson from Luke contains the beautiful song of praise that the young, pregnant Mary sings in response to Elizabeth's blessing. We can learn a lot from such a refreshing song of praise from the heart. Click here for "Stewards of the Good News and Great Joy," from columnist Sharron Riessinger Lucas.

First Sunday after Christmas - Lectionary Reflection: Jesus: The Lost Years

Luke gives us just eleven verses to span the time between Jesus' infancy and his baptism by John. Is it any wonder the "Service of Lessons and Carols" is so popular after Christmas? But the emptiness leaves lots of room for spiritual speculation and creativity.

December 21 - Lectionary Reflection: Giving the Gift and Sharing the Grace

Another Christmas, and the pews are once again are filled with faces: the familiar, the seldom-seen and the new. Everyone has a different story, but we all gather to receive and share God's greatest gift to us. Click here for "Giving the Gift and Sharing the Grace," from columnist Sharron Riessinger Lucas.

December 14 - Lectionary Reflection: Sing Your Own Song
This week's gospel lesson from Luke contains the beautiful song of praise that the young, pregnant Mary sings in response to Elizabeth's blessing. We can learn a lot from such a refreshing song of praise from the heart.

December 7 - Lectionary Reflection: Stewards of the Good News and Great Joy!
We, you and I, are stewards of joy. How wonderful is that? We are tellers of an amazing story and bearers of the best news in the whole wide world! Who wouldn’t be joyful? Talk about a reason for a party!

November 30 - Lectionary Reflection: Among the Messengers
The Gospel lessons in Advent tell us of John the Baptizer, who was the messenger who went ahead of Jesus. We, too, are messengers. We are messengers in a long, strong tradition of God-bearers in this world. As followers of The Way and adopted children of God, we are charged with being stewards of the Gospel and for sharing that Good News.

November 23 - Lectionary Reflection: Paying Attention
Whatever happened to Advent? “Our culture has filled this beautiful anticipatory season of hopeful waiting with merry clang of silver bells and the lightening of one’s wallet. What happened to waiting, and watching, and hoping? Why must we fill every spare minute?”

November 16 - Lectionary Reflection: 'So You Are a King?'
This coming Sunday many congregations will celebrate the feast of Christ the King, a recent addition to the liturgical calendar.

November 9 - Lectionary Reflection: It's the Inside that Matters
In this week’s gospel lesson, the disciples are impressed with the imposing façade of Temple in Jerusalem, which Jesus tells them will be destroyed in three days. But then, as now, Jesus must certainly have known that the work of God’s people continues regardless of what happens to the buildings we construct.

November 2 - Lectionary Reflection: No Pain, No Gain: Stewardship Lessons from a Track Coach This week's stories of generous widows should give us all pause for thought. “When’s the last time you or I shared so much of what we possess that we went to bed hungry at night or did without a coat and a pair of shoes? Yes, I thought so.”

October 26 - Lectionary Reflection: Something Stinks … and It’s Not Lazarus Isn’t it amazing that even after Jesus winds up a series of miracles with the grand finale, raising Lazarus from the dead, doubt and disbelief continue to plague Jesus’ followers?

October 19 - Lectionary Reflection: When Believing Leads to Seeing How is your spiritual vision? Time for an “I” exam?

October 12 - Lectionary Reflection: Wishes We humans are funny creatures. We want what we want when we want it.

October 5 - Lectionary Reflection: Prepping for the Final What if you are told the first day of a class that there is absolutely nothing you can do to pass the course?

September 28 - Lectionary Reflection: Family Values – Jesus Style This week’s Gospel lesson includes Jesus’ teaching on divorce, still a controversial issue.

September 21 - Lectionary Reflection: Salty Stewards Share How often do we good church folk act like pre-schoolers when it comes to sharing?

September 14 - Lectionary Reflection: Messing Up the Message In some ways I find it very comforting that Jesus’ inner circle had trouble understanding. . .

September 7 - Lectionary Reflection: Sounds Like a Good Idea, but … Questions arise when Jesus tells his followers to lose their lives for the sake of the Gospel. . .

August 31 - Lectionary Reflection: Crumbs from the Altar In the week’s Gospel reading, Jesus encountered a woman eager for the crumbs of grace that fell from the table of the chosen.

August 24 - Lectionary Reflection: Dirty Hands and Holy Hope This week’s Gospel reading deals with way more than hygiene.

August 17 - Lectionary Reflection: To Whom Can We Go? There comes a time in every disciple’s life when he or she realizes that there is no turning back. . .

August 10 - Lectionary Reflection: Let the Living Bread Live . . .Christians may forget that when Jesus said “I am the bread of life,” he was really shaking things up and making a powerful statement.

August 3 - Lectionary Reflection: The Staff of Eternal Life We can run but we cannot hide from the bread that’s been thrust upon us this season as hearers, proclaimers, and bearers of the good news.

July 27 - Lectionary Reflection: Satisfying the Hungry Heart Jesus promises us that those who follow him will never be hungry and will never thirst. . .

July 20 - Lectionary Reflection: That Nothing May Be Lost After feeding the 5,000, Jesus certainly modeled for us good stewardship.

July 13 - Lectionary Reflection: Even Shepherds Need a Sabbath An important part of stewardship is taking good care of oneself.

July 6 - Lectionary Reflection: God Wants You! The Bible shows that when it comes to choosing people to proclaim the divine word, God is not very choosy.

June 29 - Lectionary Reflection: Traveling Light Jesus sent out his disciples with instructions to carry very little – advice that many of us in North America would find impossible.

June 22 - Lectionary Reflection: Good Gifts; Grateful Giving When people fail to give generously, it’s often because they are fearful of not having enough because they misunderstand Scripture.

June 15 - Lectionary Reflection: The Case for a Slight Vocabulary Adjustment “Perhaps the words ‘boredom’ and ‘fear’ both need to be stricken from the Christian’s vocabulary.

June 8 - Lectionary Reflection: Extreme Life Makeover In Christ, we are new creations; we have been made over to the very core of our being.

June 1 - Lectionary Reflection: Ready or Not … Here We Go! Oh, yes, you can hide all you want, but ultimately God will get you.

May 25 - Lectionary Reflection: Pentecost: Winds of Spirit and Seeds of Hope While we rejoice as a church in the Holy Spirit’s work among us, we are often sad because confirmation marks the end of too many young people’s church experience.

May 18 - Lectionary Reflection: In Jesus’ Name We end our prayers in the name of Jesus; it’s a routine thing with Christians. Yet how many times do we stop and consciously think about the power of being in that name?

May 11 - Lectionary Reflection: What’s Love Got to Do with It – Stewardship, That Is! For the second week in a row, both the Epistle and Gospel readings find common themes in love and abiding in Jesus.

May 4 - Lectionary Reflection: Praying and Pruning Spring gardening time is perfect to explore Jesus’s teaching that he is the vine.

April 27 - Lectionary Reflection: Why Seeing is Part of Believing Christians may be aware of the needy persons all around them, but often we do not look very closely.

April 20 - Lectionary Reflection: Tell the Story Like the eyewitnesses to the resurrection, we are to pass along the amazing story of Jesus.

April 13 - Lectionary Reflection: The Peace of Christ Jesus preached peace time and again, and nobody disagrees that Christians should work for peace.

April 6 - Lectionary Reflection: Holy Fear: Living the Rest of the Story What do we make of the rather unsettling ending of the resurrection story in Mark’s Gospel? Perhaps it’s suited for today’s unsettling world.

March 30 - Lectionary Reflection: Running on Empty Are you at the end of your emotional, mental or physical rope? You’re not alone.

March 23 - Lectionary Reflection: We Wish To See Jesus Unless we are willing to follow in our Savior’s footsteps, unless we are willing to be ‘little Christs,’ how will they see Jesus?

March 16 - Lectionary Reflection: Walking in God-Light Walking in the light of God appears to leave one vulnerable—at least that’s the way it may feel initially.

March 9 - Lectionary Reflection: Words for Living The problem comes along when somehow, against all our good wishes and hopes and dreams, life gets in the way. We try to do what we humans do worst—that is, run the show.

March 2 - Lectionary Reflection: You Are Worth Everything – Act Like You Are! Have you ever wondered what your life is worth?” Good question, for which there are lots of answers from lots of sources.

February 23 - Lectionary Reflection: Wandering in the Wilderness Our wilderness may be that of addiction and substance abuse; it may be a jungle of depression and despair. Perhaps our wilderness is an economic wasteland.

February 16 - Lectionary Reflection: Keep on Listening to Jesus The Transfiguration offered the disciples a rare, privileged glimpse into the divine nature of Jesus.

February 9 - Lectionary Reflection: Choices More than healing was at stake when Jesus stretched out his hand and healed the leper.

February 2 - Lectionary Reflection: Made Whole to Serve Jesus calls us wholeness and healing. We respond to this call in various states of disrepair.

January 26 - Lectionary Reflection: Collision Course We are called to step out of our pews, to pull away from the comfort and safety of our warm homes, and to confront a world of pain and suffering. As disciples of Christ and stewards of the good news, our course is set.

January 19 - Lectionary Reflection: Fishin' for Folks If we are open to his presence in our lives, we may find ourselves undertaking an amazing journey for a higher purpose.

January 12 - Lectionary Reflection: Following the Leader Even in first century Palestine there were many people who couldn’t follow Jesus because of family, business, or personal reasons. Why should one expect it to be any different today?

January 5 - Lectionary Reflection: A Question of Batpismal Identity For Jesus, baptism immediately set in motion a chain of events and a controversial ministry that led down straight to death on the cross.

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