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Sharron Lucas' Weekly Reflection
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December 29 - Happy Not-So-New Year Last January, I embarked upon an experiment: 365 days without buying anything new, except for food, services, and certain items of clothing and personal care. I called it my year of “making do.”

December 15 - So What? Now What? God’s What! How can a tiny, ethnic refugee baby compete with all the trimmings of an American holiday?

December 8 - Are We There Yet? Take a deep breath, silence the carols and the movies, step out of the kitchen, put down that list of things to buy and do, and turn to the 61st chapter of Isaiah.

November 17 - Sheep, Goats and Jesus in Disguise "Just what kind of king are we serving anyway? Jesus surely doesn’t fit the monarch mold for the Western world. In fact, he doesn’t fit the CEO mold, the CFO mold, or any other kind of mold."

November 3 - Spark a Conflagration of Light and Hope We live in uncertain times fueled by economic disaster, war, poverty, and contentious politics. The easiest thing to do would be to circle the proverbial wagons and hunker down with passing thanks that we at least have roofs over our heads.

October 13 -The Things That Are God’s One of the critical steps in moving from the illusion of control to a life of biblical stewardship is in letting go of the notion of possession.

September 29 - How Does Your Garden Grow? Looking at Jesus’ parable of the greedy tenants on this Sunday’s lectionary, our columnist found a caution for us today. “Jesus’ words bring us a harsh reminder of how far we fall from God’s will.

September 15 - Living Simply ≠ Simply Living Now nine months into the experiment of buying nothing new, our columnist has learned many important lessons about justice, equality and human nature.

September 1 - Drawing Big Circles & Coloring Outside the Lines In the unfortunate end, what it means to be church is skewed by the limits of narrow minds, shortsightedness, and fear.

August 18 - Conform or Transform Like a lump of clay we allow ourselves to be fashioned or modeled after someone else’s idea of how life should be.

August 4 - Faithful Feet Yes, feet are the most overworked yet overlooked part of the body, but so important to a, well, walk of discipleship.

July 14 - Stewardship and StonePillow Slumber When we humans recognize God’s divine activity in our lives, when we understand God’s radical grace and mercy in the face of our sinful nature, then a response follows.

June 30 - Full of Sound and Fury and a Lot of Hot Air? Do you ever wonder what Jesus would have to say to us if he came to our towns to teach?

June 16 - When Stewardship Means Letting Go Discipleship quite often puts us squarely at odds with the way the world works, with the structures of society and the systems of the status quo.

May 19 - Don’t Worry – Be Faithful Like most things in life, happiness is most often a byproduct of dedicated focus and effort. All too often, we humans search for happiness in all the wrong places.

May 5 - Stewardship Notes from the Road Going on vacation doesn’t mean you leave stewardship issues at home. If anything, vacation time means facing even more decisions about use of one’s resources and care of God’s good creation.

April 7 - Living Stones Our columnist is now a quarter way through her year of buying nothing new, and she keeps receiving new awarenesses.

March 31 - Rx for Heartburn So, tell me, do you experience heartburn? I certainly hope that you do! No, of course, I’m not talking about the kind of heartburn that sends you rummaging in the medicine cabinet for Prilosec or Pepcid.

March 17 - Discipleship: The Challenge of Staying Focused Holy Week is a busy time for pastors and laypeople alike. Is it too busy?

February 25 - Can These Bones Live? The Sunday’s lectionary reading from Ezekiel has special meaning for residents of the Upper Midwest who have been dealing with population decline and other problems.

February 18 - Ex-Lucas-Libris In her year of simplifying her life, our columnist faced a perplexing problem: What about the books? As part of my make-do pledge, I find that I’m also questioning the value and use of items I presently possess.

February 4 - The Gift of Community We are bound together, you and I. Each one of us is wonderfully and uniquely created by God with gifts and talents, skills and abilities, failings and frailties. But we are not alone, nor are we designed to be alone.

January 14 - Of Storage Bags, Shower Curtains, Stewardship and Stuff To be an effective steward of all this stuff, I’m taking a four-pronged approach. I’m beginning by going through closets, drawers, and boxes to see just what lives here with us. Believe me, it’s a daunting process!