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8-Week Program
: With God's Permission

Here's a complete resource for a congregation to begin using an asset-based approach to financial stewardship. "This simple program can help your congregation fund God’s mission in a fresh and exciting manner." Available for free PDF download. From ELCA Stewardship.

Resources: Prayers

Stewardship Prayers Here are some fine prayers for any church occasion involving stewardship -- a  liturgy for Stewardship Sunday, to open or close a cottage meeting, to go with a sermon on giving. Includes a nice prayer service called "Stewardship: A way of Life," as well as stewardship prayer for children and other innovative prayers. Click here for "Stewardship Prayers," posted on the website of the ELCA Minneapolis Area Synod.

20-Day Stewardship Devotional. Good for your stewardship committee, congregation council or general membership, here is a resource that will get your folks thinking and brainstorming. Each Bible-based daily devotion challenges and inspires. From Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City. PDF file requires Acrobat Reader. Click here for your free copyof Acrobat.

Free online Lenten devotions. Here is a wonderful resource  for disciples and congregations alike -- daily Lenten devotions exploring generosity. Online resources also provide prayers, activities and more. Click here to go to the index for 40 Days of Generosity. One of many "Tools for a Healthy Congregation" from the ELCA Division for Congregational Ministries..

Lord may I daily give thanks for your gifts.  May I be caught up in the flow of energy  and love  that is life your kingdom.  May I see each day a way to share what you have given me as graciously as it was shared with me.

The Rev. Dana Reardon


Lord of Light, your name out-shining all the stars and suns of space, use our talents in your kingdom as the servants of your grace; use us to fulfill your purpose in the gift of Christ your Son; Father, as in the highest heaven, so on earth your will be done.

The Rev. Eugene Gardne