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Resources: I Have Something that Belongs to You

The Stewardship of Life Institute announces publication of a new resource for Lutheran churches by the Rev. Foster R. McCurley, nationally known motivational speaker, author and preacher.

A 12-session course, I've Got Something That Belongs to You helps Christian adults discover how they can best use the gifts God has given them, a concept referred to as "stewardship of life." Specifically, in this view, stewardship is "the management of our selves, the Gospel, our daily work, our resources, and our relationships with our neighbors," according to the course materials.

Each session is designed to be conducted comfortably within a one-hour period, but ample material is provided for those desiring to expand the sessions. Ideally, a pastor and a layperson will team-teach the course, emphasizing both the theological and experiential elements of stewardship. Camera-ready originals suitable for overhead transparencies are included, as are additional originals designed to be photocopied for participants' use.

I've Got Something That Belongs to You was developed and funded by the Stewardship of Life Institute (SOLI), a nonprofit corporation that exists to promote stewardship education in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Although the regular price of the materials is $39.95, ELCA congregations and related groups may purchase me materials for a discounted price of $20, including shipping and handling. To order, call 717-334-6286 or email SOLI staff member Katie Dodds, kdodds@ltsg.edu