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'The Treasure Chest'



When we put our treasure where we know our heart ought to be, then we begin that motion toward where we would like to find ourselves.

Weekly Reflection: Pastor Dana Reardon
April 10, 2006


The physics of financial giving

All week I have been struggling with Jesus' observation, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."  I think it is a statement about the state of inertia.  You didn't know that Jesus was  a physicist did you?

When we hold our money or any treasure close to us, we keep things the same and it makes us feel safe somehow.  Remember the story that prompted these words? "The man was building big barns to store his treasure."

Building bigger barns keeps us stagnant.  It keeps things the same and devoid of life.  The laws of inertia say that a body at rest stays at rest.

So it is with people.  Often people will point to someone really generous that they admire and say, "I would like to be like that."  They think if the feelings of generosity ever comes then they will be able to give like that person and live like that person.  But in the meantime, they sit where they are and nothing changes.

But when we put our treasure where we know our heart ought to be, when we begin that motion toward where we would like to find ourselves.

Because the laws of inertia also say that a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  There is great mass and therefore great force in the treasure we possess, and so putting it out in front of us toward where we would like to be is the best way to start getting there.

If there is someone you aspire to be like, then start being that person.  If giving to church or to good causes is something you would like to do and you think the change of heart comes first ,then think again.  Put your treasure where you would have your heart be  and the forward motion will propel you along with it.

Lord, Move us out of our inertia into a new state of being, moving toward you.  Amen



 Copyright 2006, The Rev. Dana Reardon. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Email her at mspastor@aol.com.

The Rev. Dana Reardon is pastor at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church, Warwick, RI.  A lifelong Lutheran, she came to ordained ministry after 21 years in nursing, mostly in pediatric intensive care.  She graduated from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia in 1998 and served 4 years in Upstate New York before becoming a New Englander.  She is still trying to understand the accent.  While in the Upstate New York Synod she chaired the Stewardship Team.  That began her fascination with what makes stewards -- and more, what makes for generosity. She has three amazing daughters: Pastor Reardon says much of what she knows of life she learned from them.